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Karen FerroKaren Ferro

REALTOR®, LMC, 100% Club

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When listing a property Karen will determine a pricing strategy for your home by not wasting time overpricing it or not missing an opportunity by undervaluing it. She will advise you on improvements and staging to enhance the appearance of your home. Advertising, exposure, negotiation, many required legal forms and processes which need to be followed go smoother with an experienced agent by your side.

Karen understands your individual goals and needs by consulting with you and being there throughout the whole process. With her knowledge of current market conditions and real estate laws can, most importantly, guide you and help you make informed decisions. She genuinely cares about you and will work hard to get you where you want to be, all with a smile and positive attitude!

When you're ready to own a new home or investment Karen will represent your interest as a buyer's agent and help determine the price value to offer on a specific property by analyzing a comparative of other similar homes sold in the neighborhood, as well as, negotiating this price, viewing properties together, helping find suitable homes, suggesting top lenders, attorneys, home inspectors and being present throughout the whole process - making sure everything gets done within the time lines outlined in the purchase and sales agreement. A contract to purchase is written out by the buyers agent with contingencies to help protect the buyer. The buyer's agent works in the best interest of the buyer, where as, the seller's agent works in the best interest of the seller.


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