BEVERLY Land for sale - Potential 3 Lot Subdivision - 41,588 Sq Ft - $495k
One lot has existing single family - 3 BR - 1307 sq ft - 1 bth, 1 FP, Hardwood Floors - Circa 1939-

Porter Land 1(auto-resized from 976x549)

Porter Land 6(auto-resized from 931x524)

Porter land 2(auto-resized from 955x537)

porter(auto-resized from 1109x655)

1Porter Front(auto-resized from 1149x646)

porter(auto-resized from 1700x956)

Porter FP(auto-resized from 1205x1388)

Porter Land Plot(auto-resized from 1067x786)

porter aerial map(auto-resized from 799x486)

Porter Land 5(auto-resized from 953x536)

Porter Land 3(auto-resized from 977x550)

3Porter Drive(auto-resized from 1119x629)

Porter DR(auto-resized from 1881x1058)

Walk-up attic second level has one finished room w/ no separate heat element, heat is sorced from 1st fl, used as a 3rd bedroom
porter(auto-resized from 1474x829)

Porter Kitchen(auto-resized from 1575x886)

plan porter(auto-resized from 1158x781)

PorterPlanC(auto-resized from 1090x770)

Call for more details or to walk the property. Please do not walk the property unaccompanied by listing broker.

Karen Ferro, 781-479-4000. Preliminary subdivision plan on hand. Buyer to have defiinitive plans drawn up for approval